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Addressing Identity and Culture to Improve Client Services and National Impact in the Financial Profession

It’s not a secret that identity and culture impact how people view the world - and finances are no different. By taking the time to understand the history of the racial wealth gap, and learning to practice financial empathy with their marginalized clients, financial planners are pursuing a level of growth that will serve to benefit the United States population as a whole. This is especially true as we near a time when the majority of the population will, as previously stated, be comprised of minority groups.

2050 TrailBlazers Presents: Your Guide to Allyship

Throughout the past several seasons of 2050 TrailBlazers, we’ve had the privilege of speaking with many experts about the importance of ally support, and how individuals can get involved in the DEI movement.

In this guide, we’ve rounded up our favorite podcast episodes and resources to help empower you to get started!

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