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2050 TrailBlazers was created to spark conversation in unfamiliar spaces. The lack of diversity and inclusion has stricken the financial services industry and financial planning profession; we’ve looked to our experienced guests to engage us on various topics surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion to steer the conversation towards solutions to move the industry forward.

2050 TrailBlazers serves as a safe space for teaching unfamiliar audiences the why, how, and the importance of being an advocate for the betterment of the industry as a whole. In 2019, we are digging deeper - our mission is the same, but the storytellers and seasons each have a different focus.

Season 3: Money & Culture

Throughout Season 3, we explored the dynamics of Money and Culture. Various cultures which are classified as “Black,” “Hispanic,” or “Asian” are made up of a rich diversity of ethnicities, all with very unique traditions and ideas on money. Let’s talk about how Africans, Haitians, Colombians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indians, etc. view financial and family responsibility. These enlightening and frank conversations will help us be better advisors to our clients, consumers, and colleagues of color.

Season 4: Best Practices

Season 4 will focus on Best Practices - in Fall of 2019, 2050 TrailBlazers will utilize the wealth of knowledge of our expert guests to disseminate tangible actions you can take to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion within your organization or firm. Our guests will not only continue to share their personal and professional stories, but impart concrete lessons and takeaways.

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